Mission / Vision


Our mission at Seward is to provide a program that is committed to a community partnership that provides a safe, nurturing environmentwith a focus on reading, writing, mathematics, technology and communication arts that will develop responsible lifelong learners. 


We at Seward: read to learn, write to communicate, use math to solve problems, explore the world of science and social studies, use technology with confidence,express our creativity, and celebrate diversity. We are comfortable. We are respected. We are safe. We are loved at Seward

About Us

William H. Seward Communication Arts Academy Elementary School

4600 S. Hermitage, Chicago, IL 60609

Tel: 773.535.4890
Branch: 773.535.4101
Fax: 773.535.4884

Nora A. Cadenas, Principal

Pebble C. Jackson
Patricia L. Zarate
Assistant Principals